Series Sixty Six: The Lake in June, acrylic on canvas 66”x64”

I live and work where there are broad expanses of land and water; and draw from the natural world as a source of expression and balance. My work is color saturated and dynamic, referencing internal and external landscapes, in tactile and textural terms. I’m interested in painting directly from the senses, prior to thought, using color to express what is felt: space, depth, balance, chaos, quiet – what is seen and unseen. The process is at first physical and highly charged, beginning with massive rolls of raw canvas, torn to sizes usually larger than the viewer. Colors are mixed in buckets and then poured and pushed into the canvas, using brooms, brushes and the palms of both hands, to create shapes and atmosphere. It’s noisy and muscular, all my senses engaged. Eventually the canvases are pinned to the walls, and using paint, pencil, crayon and pastel, movements then stem from deeply interior shifts, gentle and delicate, as a compass needle swings back and forth and finally slows, stopping when the work comes into balance. Jane Booth

Booth pours saturated color from buckets onto raw canvas and physically pushes, pulls, and coaxes her paintings into existence. Then with delicate marks, she gently nudges the painting toward perfect balance.

Jane Booth received her BFA from Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS and studied painting at the Kansas City Art Institute in Kansas City, MO. Her work can be found in numerous private & public collections including: Kansas University Hospital, Kansas City, MO; Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cisco Systems, H& R Block World Headquarters and Hilton Hotels, as well as featured in the Kansas Governor’s offices and chambers. In 2012, the Albrecht-Kemper Museum in St. Joseph, Missouri featured a solo exhibition of Jane Booth’s monumental paintings entitled Life Moving Through.

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