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February 7 – March 21, 2020
KY ANDERSON: Star School
MARCUS CAIN: Borrowed Light

Ky Anderson: Star School

“Star School came to me in the middle of the night. In a flash, I saw a new series of paintings filled with stars and the intricate structures used to view them. I imagined color, line and shape creating huge spatial distance in a bright outer space, all in the language of my work. In the morning the vision was still alive so I started painting.

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Marcus Cain: Borrowed Light

“Borrowed light is shared light. It may be represented by the literal illumination of a painting’s surface from the physical space occupied by the viewer, or an illusion of such light conveyed from within the picture plane. As a subject, borrowed light is a life-giving force, though at some distance. Its indirect nature still has reach through its reflected dispersion of waves and particles, and I use this phrase as a metaphor for the meaning to be found in abstraction.

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This exhibition was open
February 7 – March 21, 2020

Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 11-5 p.m. & by appointment.