Back Where They Came From 2016

September 2nd – October 22nd, 2016

Back Where They Came From: Angela Babby, Norman Akers, Sarah Sense, Tom Jones, Marwin Begay, Frank Big Bear, Dakota Mace, Daniel McCoy, Dyani Whitehawk, Henry Payer, Karen Ann Hoffman, Jason Garcia, John Hitchcock, Jason Wesaw, Meryl McMaster, Pat Kruse, Nelda Schrupp, Wanesia Spry Misquadace, Teri Greeves.

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Back Where They Came From

Back Where They Came From

The exhibition Back Where They Came From, September 2 – October 22, 2016, will focus attention on the depth and diversity of contemporary Native American artists and the works of art they create. Co-curated by gallery director, Sherry Leedy, and artist, Tom Jones (Ho Chunk), this exhibition will mark the gallery’s 32nd year and continues our commitment to exceptional artists working across media and boundaries.

The 19 artists included in the exhibition embrace a diversity of themes ranging from the political to the personal. The heritage of cultural influence is seen from the vantage point of today, reinforced by the past, reinterpreted and reinvented through a wide range of materials including photography, lithography, silverwork, beadwork, birch bark constructions, drawing and collage. The exhibition, Back Where They Came From will reflect the arc of experience between makers, materials, concept and tradition as Native American art continues to shift, evolve and transform into a new unexpected aesthetic, informed by the past, influenced by the present and moving toward the future.

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