Beth Lo bio



My work in ceramics and mixed media collage revolves primarily around issues of family and my Asian-American background.  Cultural marginality and blending, tradition vs. Westernization, language and translation are key elements in my work.  Since the birth of my son in 1987, I have been drawing inspiration from major events in my family’s history, the day-to-day challenges of parenting, and my own childhood memories of being raised in a minority culture in the United States.  I use the image of a child as a symbol of innocence, potential and vulnerability.   Often I include references to water – swimming, drinking, spilling, drowning – as an element which can be at once healing and hazardous.


The work in “At Home, Out of Place” is unified by the idea of being comfortable with being uncomfortable.  This neither/nor state reflects my personal ethnic marginality – part American girl, part Good Chinese daughter.  I have learned to be comfortable by choosing not to fit into mainstream cultures of either the US or of China.   I have sought a hybrid aesthetic that represents a blending of cultures that is becoming more and more common as the boundaries between countries around the globe are blurred.  I am combining the brush work of calligraphy with line work of cartooning, juxtaposing images of American t-shirts and Chinese qi pao dresses, and tackling the issues of adoption and immigration.  As an extension of the sense of displacement, I have included in this show several pieces about swimming and water.  These pieces also describe the sensation of a body being at home in an “unnatural” environment– afloat in a lake or river, simultaneously at peace but in peril.