Andy Ryan

Andy Ryan

Featured New Works February 2, – March 23, 2024

Andy Ryan’s abstract watercolors contain both absurdist humor and references to mysticism and spirituality. In his paintings, surreal landscapes, ghostly figures, and botanical forms emerge from overlapping shapes and gradient color-fields. His work draws from a variety of influences, from modernism to folk art, comics, craft and design. Ryan’s undulating forms are built with colorful layers of paint, each varying in density, creating movement and visual symmetry within each piece.

Andy Ryan grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and received his BA in photography from Northern Arizona University in 1997. He moved to New York City in 1999 and spent over 20 years there working as a freelance editorial and commercial photographer, traveling extensively as part of the job.  He married painter Ky Anderson in 2009.  His increased exposure and awareness to the world of contemporary painting via Anderson began his interest in starting a painting practice of his own one day


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