John Ferry: Straight and Narrow

John Ferry: Straight and Narrow

Exhibiting September 1st – October 21st 2023

New Paintings by: John Ferry

I don’t think of my paintings as documentation, but rather an inspirational starting point for a painting. Edward Hopper said, “What I wanted to do was to paint the sunlight on the side of the house.” That quote captures my intent perfectly. I’m looking for a composition that makes me want to paint. I feel I have done that with this series of paintings.  I feel that this is my strongest body of work I have completed over my many exhibition.             –John Ferry, 2023

John Ferry’s recent paintings continue his lifelong inspiration and love of architecture and the built environment.  The cities, that he has explored, from Detroit to Rome, are the catalyst for Ferry’s painted investigations of color, light, texture and space.  Forgotten or overlooked urban spaces, such as alleyways or fire escapes, are shown in exaggerated vertical formats that express the very character of what is being depicted.  This extreme format emphasizes the gesture of light and the narrow slice of sky between buildings emphasizes the tension of space in the city.  Ferry’s use of format, as an essential design element, is equally successful in the long horizontal paintings of the mid-century modern Farnsworth house.  Format and composition are paired in a variety of ways in the paintings of Rome.  The Colosseum in Rome was the perfect subject to illustrate the grandeur and permanence of architecture shaped by the passage of time.  In the Colosseum paintings, color and texture define light and shadow and the beauty of decay.

John Ferry is a Professor serving in the Illustration Department at the Kansas City Art Institute.  Straight and Narrow is his 20th one-person show.  John Ferry’s paintings are in the permanent collections of The Wichita Center for the Arts, KS; Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, Overland Park, KS; H&R Block, KC, MO; Negro League Baseball Museum, KC, MO; Federal Reserve Bank; KC, MO; and others.  John Ferry lives and paints in Prairie Village, KS with his wife Amy and two daughters Katherine and Paige.




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