Ky Anderson

Ky Anderson

New works on view February 2 – March 23 2024

Ky Anderson’s paintings and works on paper are light filled, abstract color harmonies. Compositions echo architecture, sculpture and the figure and read as poetry not prose.

Sanguine has many translations and meanings, from optimistic to blood thirsty. In art, Sanguine is a color, a reddish-brown often referred to as the color of dried blood. My introduction to it was through a large bottle of ink I picked up many years ago in France. As the color worked its way into my paintings, I found it to be a versatile but specific mix of pigments. When mixed with white it leans towards orange, as opposed to a traditional red which will turn pink. Sanguine vibrates with the colors around it, saturating them with an optical spark.

– Ky Anderson, 2024

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