Sun Smith-Foret

Sun Smith-Foret

New Paintings by Sun Smith-Foret

February 2- March 23, 2024

My recent interest in working with oil paint stems from a profound background in Global Art History, coupled with a desire to explore color, light, form, and line in ways distinct from textile media and Sculptural Basketry. The paintings are semi-abstract, featuring nature-derived content inspired by my current location immediately adjacent to the Mississippi River in rural Illinois. Still life observation provides another opportunity to delve into strategies of geometry, spatial and value interactions, and altered perspectives on 2D surfaces.

Every day, in one of two studios – a home studio and a large commercial space located 15 minutes away – I contemplate and paint, referring to drawings and photographs, tapping into memory to directly impact the surface. I also study the works of masters, and my thoughts and creations are influenced by the work of contemporary artist colleagues at the galleries representing my art: Duane Reed Gallery in Saint Louis and Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art in Kansas City.

-Sun Smith-Foret

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