Freed Feinstein Jones Archive

November 2, 2018- January 19, 2019
The Opening Reception for this Exhibition was First Friday, September 7th
Douglass Freed: Winter Light
Gloria Baker Feinstein: Dreams and Other Things
Tom Jones: Remnants

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Douglass Freed

150Winter #12, high res copy “I think my paintings are always about a kind of quieting place. I try to paint paintings that create the spiritual, not religious spiritual, but the visual spiritual in images. And I’ve always related to Oriental work that contained that, particularly Zen work. There’s always peacefulness there. There’s always a quietude that I like. My whole life as a painter my work has been about that – very quiet, very subtle.” – Douglass Freed Click here to read more

Gloria Baker Feinstein

Seagrass and Seagull copy “Unlike any work I’ve made before, the pieces in “Dreams and Other Things” are a confluence of photographs, filters, colors, drawings, and my imagination. These landscapes have become places of refuge – dreamy escapes to which I can retreat from the angry, divided, hateful, and intolerant country I currently seem to inhabit. Creating them has also helped me feel as if I have at least a modicum of control over what’s happening around me, which provides grounding and a sense of power amidst the chaos.” – Gloria Baker Feinstein. Click here to read more

Tom Jones

smallReturning From Washington 2017

“Historically it has been outsiders who have taken these photographs of Native Americans. We have generally been represented with beads and feathers; this example can be seen through the extraordinary photographic portrayals of Edward Curtis. While this is an aspect of our life, the emphasis of my current body of work is focused on the members of my tribe and the environments in which they live, giving a name and face to the individuals and their way of life in our own time. […] I am ever mindful of my responsibility to the tribe and to carry on a sense of pride about who and what we are as a people.”  — Tom Jones Click here to read more

These exhibitions were open
November 2, 2018 – January 19, 2019