Gloria Baker Feinstein bio


Seagrass and Seagull, Dye sublimation on aluminum mounted on cradled panel, 14″ x 14″

Dreams and Other Things

“Unlike any work I’ve made before, the pieces in “Dreams and Other Things” are a confluence of photographs, filters, colors, drawings, and my imagination. These landscapes have become places of refuge – dreamy escapes to which I can retreat from the angry, divided, hateful, and intolerant country I currently seem to inhabit. Creating them has also helped me feel as if I have at least a modicum of control over what’s happening around me, which provides grounding and a sense of power amidst the chaos.”
– Gloria Baker Feinstein

Gloria Baker Feinstein got an early start in photography. At the age of 2 ½ her Kodak brownie camera became a constant companion. By the time she was in 7th grade, she knew how to use the darkroom and she went on to receive a MA from the University of Wisconsin in 1979.

For the next ten years, in the 1980’s, Feinstein set her camera aside and instead created and pioneered the only gallery in Kansas City devoted to the exhibition of 20th century fine art photography, the Baker Gallery. Picking up her own camera again on her 40th birthday, she began once again to make her own images. In the process, she created a myriad of poignant and emotionally resonant series of photographs that focus on human dignity and the world around us – Uganda, Identical Twins, Honored Citizens, Among the Ashes to name but a few. Her photographs are in the collection of the Portland Museum of Art, the High Museum of Art, the Center for Creative Photography, and the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, and others.

In 2007, in addition to Feinstein’s importance as a champion of fine art photography, she became the founding director of “Change the Truth” which provides opportunities to Ugandan children affected by war, poverty and disease.

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