Ky Anderson Bio


Star School 19.12, Acrylic on paper, 40” x 27.5″

“Star School came to me in the middle of the night. In a flash, I saw a new series of paintings filled with stars and the intricate structures used to view them. I imagined color, line and shape creating huge spatial distance in a bright outer space, all in the language of my work. In the morning the vision was still alive so I started painting.

This series came to me right as I was thinking about a content shift in my work. I wanted to move away from an autobiographical narrative and focus on color, form and material. As I started this series I realized a story will always be present in my work, it just doesn’t have to be my personal story. Star School is a fantasy novel infiltrating an imaginary school text book. In previous work I was writing a memoir, but here I am a fiction writer.’
– Ky Anderson, 2020

Ky Anderson lives and works in Brooklyn, NY, but maintains strong ties to the Kansas City community where she grew up and attended school. She graduated from the The Kansas City Art Institute in 1995. Anderson’s work is exhibited across the country including New York, San Francisco and Chicago. Anderson recently completed a public commission for a series of twelve paintings for the new Cambridge Tower at the University of Kansas Hospital.

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