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June 4 – August 22, 2020
The opening reception took place Thursday, June 4.

HUNG LIU: Seedlings
MARY ANN STRANDELL: The Conversation

Click to see Hung Liu prints.

Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art, in partnership with The Byron Cohen Gallery, presents Hung Liu’s latest print series, Seedlings.

The gold and silver leafed prints are based upon the Dustbowl and Depression era photographs of Dorothea Lange. Liu has long admired Lange’s work with its focus on documenting displaced, wandering individuals during a time of extreme struggle and poverty in American history. Liu, having experienced a similar tumult and displacement growing up in Chine during Mao’s revolution, deeply resonated with the work of Lange. Through empathic reimagining of Lange’s photographs, Liu’s colorful, at times electric, brushstrokes capture the underlying humanity and hope that keeps individuals moving forward.

In today’s changing world, these images take on an even deeper meaning, highlighting that in all struggle there is an underlying beauty and humanistic resolve that brings us together.

Click to see Anne Austin Pearce paintings.

Anne Austin Pearce has been awarded many prestigious artist residencies in the USA, Sicily, Mexico, Malaysia, France, and Mauritius and has been inspired by those experiences. Her love and respect for the natural world is the heartbeat of her paintings and her sense of belonging to a worldwide artist community of like-minded individuals runs deep.

The nine paintings in Pearce’s exhibition, Path, began as one large work and evolved into nine inter-related works made of ink, acrylic and collage on paper.

Pearce has said, “The collaged elements in Path are, in fact, drawings made in multiple locations around the world. Each is tethered by place with a specific visual language. As a human is transformed by each new experience, so are the small paintings made at unique geographical locations. They are now intermingled and representative of specific moments in time and space, inter-woven and contextualized. They now belong to these new works.”

The work of Anne Austin Pearce is in the collections of the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, OP, KS, Daum Museum of Contemporary Art, Sedalia, MO, Spencer Museum of Contemporary Art and others.

Click to see Mary Ann Strandell paintings & lenticulars.

Artist Mary Ann Strandell is known for her lush paintings and innovative lenticulars. Her ability to synthesize the past with the future and create a new dialogue between art history, technology, science, nature and architecture, makes her artwork unique, original and unforgettable.

Strandell’s exhibition, The Conversation, explores her evolving narratives, combining her interests in architecture, nature and chinoiserie. Often the mix of visual languages in Strandell’s work weaves the energy of nature together with that of the city, each playing off the other.

In addition, there are singular works in painting, such as a close-up of a magnolia blossom or tulip, framed tightly, as an exuberant expression of spring. The paintings often re-appear in Strandell’s lenticular’s as disassembled and layered components that support, enrich and continue The Conversation.

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These exhibitions were open June 4 – August 22, 2020.

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