Outlaw: Armadillo #4
machine and hand appliqued/hand quilted textile, 52″x 51″”

Annie Helmricks-Louder is painter and fiber artist based in Missouri. Her plein-aire paintings often inspire her studio textile works and this is the case in the series Outlaw Animals.

The initial idea of the Outlaw Animal Series was developed over a recent period of 2 years during which my husband, painter, John Louder and I traveled and camped in the American west. Working on location–painting and drawing–allowed us many intimate experiences with native animals. As is my habit, my plein-aire works often inspire my winter studio textile works and so it is with this series: Outlaw Animals. As I often do in my work, I question established hierarchies. The animals I have chosen to feature, jackrabbit, rattlesnakes, skunks, are often concerned “varmint” animals–or those animals designated as having no value. Miraculously evolved, they are suited perfectly for the often rugged and sparse environments that they inhabit. In the judgments of humans, however, they are often discounted and even despised. Particularly persecuted are those creatures that most resist having their lands taken away from them by human development. Many of these species have no closed season or bag limit; hunters are allowed to kill as many as they can catch. – Annie Helmericks-Louder

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