Deep Sleep, 2010 silver gelatin print, 40”x30”

Jennifer Onofrio Fornes creates photographs that seek to discover and capture what is not there, or, at least, not there at first glance.   Using her studio as place and herself as model, Onofrio Fornes photographs herself as she moves through space in an artificial environment with movements that she characterizes as awkward and strained. She captures the images on film.
As watcher, witness and actor, Onofrio Fornes uses the physicality of her constrained body and studio setting to conjure up images of transience and transcendence, ideas exemplified in Eastern philosophy and religion.
Jennifer Onofrio Fornes is in pursuit of a big idea. She seeks to make the invisible visible. She is looking for the divine sparks embedded and hidden in our material world and for what remains (spiritual attainment) after the physical disappears. The silver prints that make up her work are as fluid, graceful and ephemeral as a séance or a mirage.

Jennifer Onofrio Fornes received her MFA from University of California, Davis. Her work is in numerous public and private collections including: Morris Museum of Art, Augusta, GA; North Dakota Museum of Art, Grand Forks, North, Dakota; Landmark Bank, Madill, Oklahoma.

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