Shield 1, Acrylic on canvas, 40” x 30″

There is something there in Ky Anderson’s paintings that calls to mind the paintings of Philip Guston. Their work really doesn’t look alike, but there is something there that feels alike. Guston said, “It is the bareness of drawing that I like. The act of drawing is what locates, suggests, discovers. At times it seems enough to draw, without the distractions of color and mass. Yet it is an old ambition to make drawing and painting one.”

That ambition is there in the work of Ky Anderson. Her painting reverberates and gently makes trouble. Contradictions and complexity tussle with simplicity and clarity, line and color prod the conversation until a truce of balance is declared. The painting stands as evidence of freedom and search, question and discovery, possession and exploration. Anderson’s paintings flourish as an otherworld composed of an acoustical space that is atmospheric, sun bleached, propped up, tapered and stretched by line and shape, making visible the invisible connections between the weights, pulls and supports of the world around us.

Ky Anderson has lived and worked in Brooklyn, NY for over twenty years. She grew up in Kansas City, Missouri and graduated from The Kansas City Art Institute in 1995. Anderson’s work is exhibited across the country including New York, San Francisco and Chicago. She continues to have strong ties to the Kansas City community and we are pleased to present Ky Anderson’s inaugural solo show at Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art.

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