I Still Only Cut the Dying Flowers (Mars),archival inkjet print, 60” x 40″

I am drawn to historical moments where photography has marked shifts in human consciousness. I take for example, a multi-national, simultaneous desire to fix an image of the world – at photography’s inception, and the first ‘Whole Earth’ image taken from space. This work is driven by an optimistic, even utopian idea – that a photography practice itself could be a kind of meditative search for that next leap.

My large-scale still lifes unfold themselves, showing methods of their making. They reveal light, shadow, color, objects and their position as layers of decision making and mindful play. My photographs use homegrown food, plants, secondhand and gifted objects. Elegant in their imperfections, I carefully arrange these objects and elements like setting stones in a zen garden.

I work to reveal the photograph as a grounds for unexpected combinations and infinite possibility.

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