Phyllis Bramson bio


Fascinators, mixed media on canvas, 60” x 70″

My paintings often feature strong female images which blend fantastical elements of seduction and eroticism with innocence, fairy tales and kitsch… ( think Disneyland meets Bollywood). Within fabricated worlds– fairytales unfold but are unresolved, and are not as wholesome as we may believe.
The decorative Rococo and chinoiserie style of my work is colored by my childhood upbringing, my parents were avid collectors of alternative and erotic art much of it Asian….And with a kitsch decor… of my father’s doing. Sort of a frivolous mess!

The basic theme of my work has always been, love and affection in a hostile world, and about disharmony. But also the desire to do the right things, and about the struggle to make things work. That’s the way the world is – it functions and doesn’t function. I function and don’t function.

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