Sun Smith-Foret


Sun Smith-Foret

Love in the Time of Conflict:
My recent interest in working in oil paint stems from a deep background in Global Art History, a desire to work with color and light, form and line, in ways different from textile media and Sculptural Basketry. The paintings are semi abstract with nature derived content from my current location immediately adjacent to the Mississippi River in rural Illinois. Still Life observation offers another opportunity for delving into strategies of geometry, spatial and value interactions, and altered perspectives on 2D surfaces.

Spirit and Source are at the core of all the work. Every mark is a prayer of gratitude.

-Sun Smith Foret 2023

Sun Smith-Foret holds an M.F.A. and B.A., in addition to a Master of Social Work, Mental Health and Family Therapy, from Washington University, St. Louis, MO. As a professional artist and independent curator, Smith-Foret has worked extensively in textile construction creating a signature body of work focused on movie quilts, influenced by African American improvisational quilts, that conceptually linked to global cinema. Her background as a practicing psychotherapist led her to integrate all genres of film related to human relationships. Recently she has devoted her creative energy to 3D amuletic sculptural work that recall nests, basketry and trans-tribal global influences. This is turn has led Smith-Foret to some of her most direct work, painting on canvas. Improvisational and inspired by the world around her – flowers, landscape, interiors – these paintings are joyful visual songs of abundance and life.