Presentation by Bob Goldston of ULAE at Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art.

Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art presents a print portfolio presentation and sale with Universal Limited Art Editions at the gallery every year. This is an opportunity to see and buy new and important prints by the leading artists of our time and learn about the process of collaboration with master printers. Limited edition prints from ULAE are available for purchase through the gallery year round.

For nearly fifty years, the Museum of Modern Art, New York has collected one from every print edition made at the Universal Limited Art Editions (ULAE) workshop on Long Island. Today MoMA’s collection includes ULAE’s complete archive of over 1,200 prints by nearly 50 artists. In 2007, MoMA presented an exhibition from their collections in recognition of ULAE’s Fiftieth Anniversary.

Universal Limited Art Editions (ULAE), has collaborated with many of the outstanding artists of our time beginning in the 1960’s with Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg, Lee Bontecou, Larry Rivers, and Barnett Newman and continuing today with painters Terry Winters, Susan Rothenberg, and Carroll Dunham and sculptors Kiki Smith and Richard Tuttle, among others.

These intimate collaborations between artists and master printmaker have led many of these artists to embrace the print medium as an integral part of their overall art practice. Jasper Johns has created over 400 prints, more than half of them at ULAE.

From the beginning, ULAE’s quality and high aesthetic standards propelled them to the forefront of the print market and by the mid-1960’s they had given rise in the United States to an explosion of contemporary printed art. ULAE’s innovation and commitment to excellence has expanded the definition, influence, and importance of what we know as a limited edition print and set the standard by which all other studio’s editions are often judged.

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